Official TerraHash Account

Some events happened last week, that have forced us to make a decision to go out of business. A lot of issues compounded to press us to do this. The failure of the Klondike project was one. Chase, our bank, shut down our accounts. Also the delay in the shipment of the chips has resulted in a lot of customers asking for refund. We already owe a lot of money to PayPal, and with all the refund requests, it is impossible for us to continue our operation profitably. So we have decided to dissolve the company.

We are going to ask for a refund from Yifu. As soon as we get a refund from him, we will start refunding all the orders. We will be able to refund about 50% of every order with this amount. We are trying to get our money out of Chase, which will help us refund another ~5% of each order. We are trying to return as many components as we can, and as soon as we get more money back, we will send additional pro-rated payments to each order.

Once we get a refund from Yifu, we will be sending an email to everyone asking for a current Bitcoin address where to send the payments.